Can I choose the music for my films?

The short answer is yes however, we use a music service called Musicbed which is the best platform for music licensing. When we are looking for music, we generally start with a slower song to help build the mood and then finish off with a more upbeat song.

Feel free to jump over to Musicbed to go through the playlists or take a look at some of our films and see what resonates with you.

Do you shoot drone footage?

The use of Drones for your wedding film or to capture still images is subject to weather conditions and the laws around whatever areas we are in. We are registered drone operators under the Excluded Category with CASA and we follow all the laws. For example, the laws state that drones can't be flown with 5.5kms of an airport with a control tower. There are also limits on how close we can fly near people so during the planning process for your wedding, these factors will be taken into consideration. If we are unable to fly the drone on the day we will acquire relevant stock footage to be used.

How long until I receive my photos & films?

Our standard turnaround time is 8-9 weeks. Our couples also receive sneak peek photos within 48 hours after the wedding.

How many photos will I receive?

Our wedding photography packages include unlimited photos, but to give you a guide we anticipate to handover approximately 100 images per hour of coverage.

Do you edit the photos?

Yes, we individually edit every image which you receive through a technical process of cropping, white balance and adjusting exposure.

Retouching is what is commonly known as 'Photoshopping' and is considered the art of advanced editing to remove or alter the image to achieve a final look. Anything like reducing the size of arms, belly, legs, hip, smoothing skin etc or the removal of blemishes & distracting elements is considered advanced editing or retouching and is NOT included as part of your standard pricing. That's not to say that it isn't available but there will be a cost as it can sometimes take an hour per photo for retouching. Giving an exact cost is impossible without looking at the image and knowing what you want done. If you did want something done, let us know and we can work quote a price for you.

Can I request changes to my films?

During the editing process of your film we use our best judgement for what to include in your short montage film. Obviously 10 to 12 hours of footage can't be squeezed down into a short clip and so you will have three rounds of changes after your initial draft has been sent to you. Further rounds of changes are charged at $125 per hour and will be quoted prior to going ahead.