Emily & Josh

Step into the enchanting world of Emily & Josh's timeless love story at Rhyanna Park, Chatsbury.

Their elegant wedding, reminiscent of a scene from Bridgerton, unfolded amidst the picturesque surroundings, creating a fairytale celebration that will be etched in our hearts forever.




We are a collective of talented wedding photographers and cinematographers. Our style can be described as raw and emotive. We believe magic lies in the authentic moments, capturing our clients in their truest form.

Documenting your wedding from a unique perspective that encapsulates each moment and reflects you as a couple. We aim to blend seamlessly into your day, a bit like a 'Wallflower'.



Heidi & Jimmy

Gold Coast, QLD


"The Wallflower were incredible for us. They were punctual over the day yet so relaxed and never made us stressed. We had so much fun taking the photos and didn't feel like it dragged on. And our sneak peek photos are incredible so we can't wait for the rest of them."


Karina & Jonathon

Byron Bay, NSW


"Absolutely adore Brittany! Would 100% recommend Wallflower Weddings to any couple. Very attentive, patient and helpful. And an absolutely blast to work with on the day, really helped us feel comfortable in front of the camera - we had so much fun!"


Aivan & Raina

Ewingsdale, NSW


"The entire team at Wallflower were amazing to work with on the wedding day. The quality and brightness of the images delivered were absolutely timeless. The delivery of the images after the wedding was quick and seamless. The video was captivating, to the point our two year old niece watches it on repeat over 30 times, the first time she watched it she was teary. The emotions of the film was a perfect mix of Indian and Western. The execution was completed in a very classy manner. Thank you Brittany and Wallflower team."