• Wallflower Weddings



Our associate photographer will call you approximately 1-2 days before the wedding to talk through the run sheet.


We would like our second shooters to shoot with two cameras.

You are required to shoot with a dual card capable camera. Set the cards to record separately, RAW + RAW. Please ensure you are shooting on “pro” high speed cards.

Put your name clearly on all your cards. Make sure you have unique file names for each camera body

Please sync camera to Queensland iPhone time before shooting, and cross check with the associate photographer before you commence shooting.


Take lots of candid photos of guests, family and the bridal party.

Please respond to the on-the-day text message sent out in the morning. Take some photos and videos to share to this message throughout the day e.g. behind the scenes of the photographer at work, the ceremony and venue set up. A pan of the setting always works well too.

Important – please don’t share any imagery from the day to your personal socials or websites.


Details: suit jacket, rings, shoes, tie, groomsmen gifts, accessories etc. Photograph details separately and grouped together.

Groom and groomsmen getting ready e.g. ties, putting shoes on, jackets, cufflinks.

Groom on his own (full length, and portraits)

Groom with each groomsman

All boys together (good to do this before the ceremony, and then again on location)

Photos of the groom with any family members prior to the ceremony while getting ready


Set up shots – close up shots of any details/flowers, varied wide shots

Candids of guests arriving and groom greeting guests

Groom with groomsmen waiting for the bride.

Candid and formal.

A photo of each couple, family, or person before the ceremony starts.

Walk up to each couple and ask if you can get a photo of them.

There is generally 20 minutes allowed in the run sheet for this.

The associate photographer will give you general guidance on where to be for the ceremony.


Set up shots – varied wide room shots from different angles

Close up detail photos of place settings, details and anything of interest

Cake photos

Card/gift table

Location photos of where the reception is (i.e if there is a view)

**This is in addition to the normal photos that you would take over the course of the day **


Before departing from the wedding please hand one set of cards to your associate photographer. From there the associate photographer will download a copy of your images to a hard drive, before returning both your cards and the hard drive to Wallflower Weddings. Once received we will download your images and have your cards back to you within 7 days. Please ensure you have an adequate number of cards to accommodate this turn around time.

Please do not format your back up cards until 48 hours after the wedding.