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Advantages of a Second Shooter

So you may have come across the term "second shooter" whilst browsing different wedding packages... but what exactly does this mean and what is the benefit of having one? A second shooter is an additional set of eyes for your big day, they don't mimic the lead photographer but rather compliments them and enables them to do their very best work. Below are a few key advantages in investing in a second shooter.

1. We can be in two places at once!

One of the massive advantages to having two photographers on the day is being able to capture both the Groom and Bride prep simultaneously. Most of the time both partners will be getting ready in seperate locations, so whilst one photographer is capturing the bride stepping into her wedding gown the other is photographing the groom putting on his tie and jacket. It is really special for your partner to be able to get a glimpse into those moments they otherwise wouldn't see.

2. All the little details will be captured to perfection

We know how much time and effort you put into planning all the little details for your special day, including your gorgeous venue and ceremony set up. By having a second shooter we can ensure that all the beautiful details are captured as a keepsake for you to cherish forever. It will also allow us to capture your guests as they arrive as well as the handsome groom.

3. We can capture multiple angles during your ceremony

One of the very best things about having a second shooter is having your ceremony photographed from different angles. There are so many beautiful moments that all happen at once, from the groom's look of anticipation, to the parents tears and the bride being walked down the aisle by her father. The two vantage points are especially important when the bride and groom first see each other. The second shooter can focus solely on the groom so that the primary shooter can focus on the bride and parents. Having multiple angles is beneficial all day not just the ceremony!

4. Don't forget your guests!

We love capturing photos of your guests enjoying themselves as they are a hugely important part of your day as well. Whilst your first photographer is capturing family photos (don't forget the list!) your second shooter can spend this time documenting your nearest and dearest as they enjoy their canapés and champagne. Not to mention everybody loves a photo of themselves when they are looking beautiful!

5. Location photos are more efficient

We know you are eager to party the night away with your family and friends and with larger bridal parties it can be time consuming capturing all the different photo combinations and portraits. However, with two photographers this can be done in half the time which means we can get you back to your party faster! If you don't have a bridal party your second shooter can capture different angles during your couple shoot or spend more time documenting your guests during canapé hour.

6. The reception details

Another massive bonus of having a second photographer is capturing your incredible reception space before your guests are seated. This can be done whilst your first shooter is on location shooting your couple photos. You may not get time to see this for yourself on your wedding day so it is great to be able to look back on these detail shots and see your vision realised.

Do we get double the photos? NOPE!

Hiring a second photographer does not automatically mean you will receive double the amount of images. We still go through every photo and cull down to the very best of your special day. Although you may receive more photos in total it will certainly not double it.


Having a second photographer adds so much value to your entire wedding experience and we highly encourage you to take all of these points into account when deciding on your wedding package and whether or not a second shooter is right for you!